• PINK GRAPEFRUIT - citrus, fruity, sweet , uplifting
  • TEA PARTY - green tea scent, light, herbal, refreshing
  • MINT CHAI - peppermint and green tea scent, sweet, herbal, rejuvenating
  • THAI SPA - lemongrass and lavender scent, herbal, floral, bold, relaxing
  • SATSUMA & BAMBOO - orange and bamboo scent, fresh, mildly fruity, herbal
  • WHITE ANTIBES - honeydew melon scent, fruity, lightly sweet, fresh
  • FRESH CUT GRASS - lightly floral, herbal, like a garden after the rain
  • WHITE PEONY - white tea scent, herbal and lightly fruity/floral
  • WILDFLOWER NECTAR - lightly floral and fruity, like a garden with fruit bearing trees

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